Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha

December 12 - 18, 2022

December 12, 2022 Angela Blaha Season 5 Episode 2
Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha
December 12 - 18, 2022
Show Notes

Purpose of this forecast is so you learn to harmonize with the energies, vibrations, and frequencies of the Universe. 

The week ahead seems to be fairly consistent in energy.  It is supporting your plans and goals.  So, be focused on your purpose in life and practical ways to make it all come true.

There will be a real sense of rhythm which allows for planning.  Be strategic and get all your work done before the end of the week.  This is real motivation energy so use it wisely.

Confidence should be high as well, try not to fall into feeling blocked as self-sabotaging confident energy can lead to this if we are not aware of our saboteur.  I guess that can be your sign – if you are feeling blocked, look into your self-sabotaging energy to find the answers to not feeling confident.

As the week progresses feeling your unique qualities and what makes you stand out from the crowd will become clearer. 

Towards the end of the week there will be supportive energy for great change and creativity.  You may feel your intuition being stronger.  And, by all means, allow yourself to be and feel loved in this energy.  This is that feminine energy that we all crave but rarely allow to be seen or heard.  Manifestation is super easy with this energy which is why your daily practices are so important right now. 

On the flip side of duality there is a real concern for mood swings, so your daily practices or rituals should be consistently done.  Be diligent to yourself and stay connected to your intuition, this should ease the emotions.     

So, let's recap.  I highly recommend getting some rest this week, be consistent and diligent to yourself in your daily rituals. Really allow yourself to be in the creative, intuitive energy as this energy can move mountains if you tap into it.   Finish up projects that you have started.  My suggestion is to think about how you can finish.  Being prepared for next week’s energy will serve you well.  

If you want to work ahead you can always slip into the energy for next week which brings heavy energy of seeking, being hungry for innovation.

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