Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha

December 19-25, 2022

December 19, 2022 Angela Blaha Season 5 Episode 3
Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha
December 19-25, 2022
Show Notes

Purpose of this forecast is so you learn to harmonize with the energies, vibrations, and frequencies of the Universe.

Welcome to the Cosmic Forecast.  I am Angela Blaha and I am here to help you understand the cosmic energy and how to harmonize with it.  

As we enter into the week of December 19 – 25 

Self control is what we want to strive for this week as Pluto energy is high and intense.  Do some balancing practices this week – or whatever creates a sense of balance for you.  

In the field there is a lot of energy that will bring clash and problems.  Tension is the energy and it will bring in emotions that need nurturing this week.  If you are nurturing yourself this week you may be able to avoid any hurt or triggering of old experiences or wounds.  

There is also so much healing energy in the air so tap into it if you need to calm your emotions or if your relationships feel hard this week.  

So many opportunities will be present to take the lead to help others heal, teach or cleanse.  With this energy there will be motivation to dig deeper into your mission and purpose this week.  Be careful not to try to fix problems but to understand them.  This  will give you even more motivation to understand your purpose.  

It is a great week to inspire others to dive into their purpose as well.  Be courageous and talk about what creates deep passion in you and be willing to share this as everyone needs to be passionate right now.  

Be open to reinventing yourself, trust the process and be confident despite any challenges you may face.  Believing in yourself is most critical right now so be willing to forge ahead.  

The energy is supporting quick decisions for any opportunities that arise.  The thing to watch for here is that you put yourself first before you give too much away to others.  

The winter solstice, December 21 is a turning point and you will want to be a bit more structured so feel free to set some goals.  Goals can create a structure and as we talked 2023 will need this.  

The new moon energy comes to us on December 23rd, again this energy wants you to be resourceful and wise.  It brings a large amount of ambition energy and again has a focusing kind of energy on long term goals.  

These energies this week are really helping you get ready for 2023.  They want you to focus on reaping rewards in 2023 rather than floundering around without direction.

This is a huge energy week and really pay attention to what needs nurturing and what opportunities are presenting themselves.  Be sure to spend some time creating your life for 2023 as this is the way to being stable next year.  

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