Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha

January 2 - 8, 2023

January 02, 2023 Angela Blaha Season 5 Episode 5
Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha
January 2 - 8, 2023
Show Notes

Welcome to the Cosmic Forecast.  I am Angela Blaha and I am here to help you understand cosmic energy and how to harmonize with it.  

As we enter into the week of January 2 – January 8

Welcome to 2023!

This is the year… be unconventional, independent, highly intuitive and free.  

The full moon energy hits early and stays late.  It brings intense emotional energy and will most likely effect areas of romance and relationships.  This energy will be the test between unconditional love and conditional love.  I highly suggest going back to the roots of your relationships and really focus on the positives during this time.  

There does need to be a balance between your inner world and your outer world this week and neglecting either of these areas will bring about stress.  So, a balance between your career and your family life is a must.  Remember being in balance does not mean equal, it means to Yin and Yang, an ebb and flow kind of energy.

Being able to express your feelings during this period is also a must or your will be super stressed with no answers.  

It is a great time to start to dig into the patterns that no longer serve you as this will be a theme for the year ahead.  The Universe is also supporting pivots and it will not surprise me if there are many pivots in your love lives this week. Keep in mind every pivot has strength, growth and surprises in them.  If you focus on this rather than the fact that change is inevitable, it will be an easier experience.  

On the flip side it will be emotional – do not stuff your emotions, work through them.  If you need help, I have my soul mentorship where we can work through them in real time.  

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