Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha

January 16 - 22, 2023

January 16, 2023 Angela Blaha Season 5 Episode 7
Cosmic Forecast by Angela Blaha
January 16 - 22, 2023
Show Notes

The beginning of the week supports us in being confident, not rushing in to save the day and to slow down and not rush to assumptions.  Really take your time, observe, and make good, long-lasting decisions.  

If you haven’t been looking forward now is the perfect time to do so.  The Cosmic energy in 3D is supporting the future & long-term goals, but it may feel a bit wonky because we really are not used to seeing the future.  Some of us deny the future.  Honestly, use this energy to propel yourself forward because we enter another Mercury retrograde in a couple weeks and this is your break. 

Now, just because you are thinking forward don’t move forward…..its better to wait until the retrograde to put anything in concrete.  

Towards the end of the week we thirst for knowledge, experiences and originality.  Innovation becomes a must BE.  Your freedom as a being becomes significant.  Freedom from limitations in thinking and feeling.  Freedom from inhibitions and restrictions.  If you are not quantum thinking and jumping timelines this maybe a place to focus on.  

The 21st, new moon energy is asking you to “think outside the box”.  You should create a mantra from this because we will not be in the 3D box much longer… least not those who are seeking a new world.  If you looking to jump out of the box, then take this time to unattach – one of the powers of the soul.  Unattaching will help you quantum jump  into and merge with soul aspects that will help you be in the new earth energies.

Now, let me touch just a little on the New Earth/New World.  The forecast is not the same as the 3D.  Why?  Because we do not share the same central sun nor the same star system.  If we are vibrating at a different frequency, then the 3D system exists but there is a resonance, meaning deeper, fuller and more vibration to the experience.  

If you have made the quantum shift and are operating your vibration with this new 22nd dimensional frequency then everything is much more equal, no giant shifts in energy, but a calmer, yet faster frequency where quantum living is required.  

In this new experience of consciousness there are 2 dimensions within one dimension, and they are equal to each other.  There is duality but they share a field of resonance. 

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